Socialscope for Blackberry

SocialScope has quickly become a popular BlackBerry app.  There is really no better way to experience Twitter and Facebook on your BlackBerry.  As the buzz continues to grow so do the questions on why the app is still in private beta.  Almost every day Twitter is filled with users wondering when they will get the invite they are looking for and for the most part the SocialScope team has kept silent.

Today SocialScope broke the silence and finally addressed their beta process and why it’s taking so long.  On their newly created Tumblr account they gave us some details on how they send out the invites.  It turns out the process isn’t completely random and sometimes it’s decided by carrier or device model.  Kudos to the SocialScope team for finally addressing this topic however they didn’t go into any details about when the app would be ready for the public.  We understand that they are trying to perfect their app but it has been long enough.  If they at least open their beta up to the public like UberTwitter did it will be best for them in the long run.

Get Socialscope Here !!


~ by djrejason on February 20, 2011.

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